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Addenda, Updates, Revisions

This page is where I will track noteworthy developments effecting materials previously published on this post; major new information or revisions to which an informed reader needs access when evaluating the full context and consistency of any information source.

The Dystopia Diaries is, in part, a project to document ongoing public debates.  Debates on issues that could either point to America’s resurgence as the great moral and economic power dreamt of by Jefferson and Franklin, or its final descent into lawless plutocracy inhabited by a generation of stupid, spineless slaves.  And anyone who really gives a fuck about Truth, Justice and the American Way needs to keep a clear, sharp focus on consistency.

Some of the items presented here may appear very trivial indeed and no items noted to date have effected the fundamental rationale or conclusions reached in the original blogposts.  But knowing the persistence of information published on the internet I consider it important to provide you with a clear summary of the facts.

1.   December 2, 2010: Reconstruction of M3.  The original version of the workbook published here providedhistorical and projected calculations of the M3 measure of money supply contained a formula error.  This error has been corrected here.  The resulting differences with the original calculation of M3 were less than 1% of the amount originally presented and had no effect on conclusions reached.  However, I intend to use this workbook in the future in further analyses.  Therefore blogposts published before the date of the revision will be updated to incorporate this notice, although the revision has no significant impact on the calculations or conclusions presented in those posts.

2.   December 2, 2010:  Average income for elite filers for the years 1993-2000.  A formula error in the workbook originally published here resulted in a calculated average income for elite filers of $338,000 whereas the corrected formula returned $375,000. The error has been corrected here and no other errors have been noted to date.  While the post in which the error occurred has been updated to reflect the revision, it had no fundamental effect on the conclusion reached:  In comparison to the pre-EGTRRA tax regime, the average incomes of the elite filer INcreased by 20% compared to a DEcrease of 17% for the median filer, as compared to the 32% and 17% originally presented.