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"All the analysis you want; none of the anal you don't."

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Favorite Media

Disinformation:  Publishers of challenging books, DVDs and hosts of the single most kick-ass aggregation site on planet earth.

Plunder:  The Crime of Our Time:  Independent filmmaker Danny Schechter's look at the sick dynamic that led to the biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression.

Bad Money:  Kevin Phillips, former political anlalyst for Nixon, deepens his examination of the disasterous finacialization of the American economy and its oblivious dependence on foreign oil.

The Great Shark Hunt:  A collection of essays, articles and excerpts by the late, great Hunter S. Thompson, with particular insight into the America's descent into Right Wing delusion and spiritual perversity and first-hand accounts of pivotal events along the way (e.g., the collapse of the Left as documented in The "Hashbury" is the Capital of the Hippies).

Program or be Programmed:  Ten Commands for Digital Age:    Some very, very deep meditations by Douglas Rushkoff about the economic, social and even spiritual choices we make every day as we interact with and are acted upon by our digital media.  I admit to being something of a recovering Luddite myself, so not all of Mr. Rushkoff's ideas took immediately.  But I sure am glad I'm taking the effort to learn.

The Hidden Message:  I'm very new to this blog, but I recently got hipped to it by a reader's comment.  My first instinct was to enroll as a follower of that blog first, but it's in Wordpress rather than Google's format, and, being as I'm a Luddite, I chose the expedient of linking on this page rather than getting a whole other account.  Maybe I'll do that one day or add another page here to link to those blogs.  Till then, take a truck on over to "The Hidden Message" from the link here.