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Friday, July 15, 2011

Paul Ryan Hands Cold War Victory to the Ruskies

Well, there it is folks.  Plain as day: Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan's "Roadmap to Ruin" austerity program sh*tcanned the U.S. Spaceshuttle program and left us dependant upon the charity of ex-KGB chief Vladimir Putin.  No you wouldn't hear much about that from the Fox News(tm) Politburo.  Seems that we have to rely on our Aussie cousins to get the scoop.

It's true.  Now without an independant space program of our own, we'll be at the tender mercies of the aparatchiks in Moscow to support our telecommunications satellite infrastructure.

Now I don't have definitive proof yet that Paul Ryan is a sleeper agent for Uncle Vanya, but all signs point to yes.  In debt ceiling talks this week his lot are trying to force American-born grandmothers to give up their cat food money in order to support the vodka habits of his Wall Street buddies like Frenchman "Fabulous" Fab Torre.

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