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Thursday, February 3, 2011

2010 Financial and Commodity Markets and Productivity: WTF?

I could go on and on about the way speculative finance is utterly divorced from the real economy, sapping 80 cents out of the economy for each dollar it touches*, etc., etc..  But why bother when the following chart says it all? Compiled from the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics release

See underlying analysis, along with links to original source data, within this workbook.

P.S.  I would like to offer a 'special' TBA prize to the first Dystopia Diaries reader who detects the even more disturbing trend vis-a-vis crude oil prices and CPI-U within the workbook data.  Hint:  Can you say "Peak Oil?"

*Yeah, it's true.  By giving yet another extraordinary tax cut to the finance-addled trust fund brats, Obama and the Republican'ts are throwing away 80% of those dollars' productivity.  See the analytical graph and supporting details here.


  1. The worst part of your entry here is that I am not skilled in "economic stuff". All I know for sure is that my generation (Boomer, but try not to hate me for it) proved not to be the answer to the problems of our parents. Instead, we acted like the mold on the outside of an orange, constantly eating away at it, having no regard that we are working to drain it of all it holds until it ends up collapsing and looking like a beach ball with a slow leak.

    Jesus, but some days I hate us...

    Screw that though - here's two links for you

    Humor -

    Long, boring, useful facts and shit -

    Enjoy them

  2. Thanks, chief!

    Yeah, well if the Boomers didn't live up to their promise, what could it mean that X'ers never showed any promise at all?

    And I shutter when I look at the Millenials and others coming up behind us. They grew up thinking of Ronald Reagan as a hero, and never even knew a time when the assumption was challenged! What the hell are THEY likely to bring to the table?