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Friday, February 25, 2011

Radical Union Advocate (In)action

Conversation overheard in Madison:

Man: Where the fuck is Obama in all this shite? Unions were his biggest supporters in '08, and now Fauntleroy can't be bothered to get his dainties dirtied rubbing shoulders with us?

Woman: He's in Washington--doing his JOB!

Man: His job?! What's that? Choking on Lloyd Blankfein's crank? Bush not good enough for him any more?*

*Triple entendre


  1. Maybe extreme anti-union action that is going on is simply because Obama completely obliterated union member's faith in the system, and forced them to actually think outside the left-right paradigm for once. The powers that be cannot have thinking in their country.

  2. I think I'm on the same track as you, Chaorder. I'm embarrassed to admit how far behind I was on the learning curve here. I 100% supported Obama up through December--when he totally did a 180 degree turn, lied, and stabbed real heroes like Sanders, DeFazio and Feingold in the back by arranging the backroom millionaire tax giveaway with Boehner and McConnell.

    I see now that Obama really is as cynical a triangulating piece of shit as the environmental crowd, anti-war lobby, etc. had been saying for months. I'm embarrassed to my marrow to admit that I was a total sucker for this loser, Obama.

    I was only able to learn that via my experiences on the campaign trail during these last midterms, because I didn't have sufficient empathy to appreciate the concerns of my brothers and sisters in other wings of the Left. I had to learn by being publically humiliated, seeing my "glorious 'leader'" sell out my ass to the highest bidder in front of the international media.

    I'm currently writing a piece about how this Madison thing may be marked as one of the seminal turning points of American politics--an epiphany that the True Left doesn't need some equivocating pretty-boy camera jockey like Obama to generate energy and action: It needs moral clarity.

    Walker's naked crypto-fascist putsch here finally gave the Left the moral clarity that Obama refused to supply. Obama is clearly finished. But will the union chiefs have the guts to promote alternative leaders capable of rising to the challange? Currently I say, "Why not? They literally have nothing left to lose."