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Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Appeal to Readers: Help Me Update Fact Checking Resources

As I've mentioned several times, events in Madison are moving at an insanely quick pace.  It is an environment where flakey rumours get spread quickly--too quickly.

This blog is resourced mainly to provide analysis and editorial.  Thus, as you'd expect, I am very dependent upon original news sources.  I don't have a huge staff to cover hundreds of miles of ground myself.  The best I've been able to do to date is to clearly cite sources, and to have multiple sources or at least have one source in the traditional media who do have the staff to perform the necessary fact checks.

Of course, given the enormous significance of the issues at stake in Madison, some analysis or comment is still useful before events have settled irretrievably.  Remember:  these protests are about the public's ability to influence state policy; it wouldn't do in every circumstance to wait until it's too late to effect that policy.  I've done my best to be judicious and fair, and as the case applies, publish a clear caveat about the unconfirmed status of the relevant details.

Where necessary I am updating posts and leaving footnotes about the details which have been edited.

So I'm making a formal appeal to my readership to leave a comment beneath this post send me a Facebook message if they feel they have some additional sources they'd like to recommend.  If you guys make this blog work because you read and comment on the quality of analysis, you also make it work because you help me get the facts right.


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