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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sacred Clowns Bring Krampus To Wisconsin Protests


Fuckin' awesome, but beyond my powers to describe any better than the participants themselves. Posted at Disinformation by Rrauben:


I read your stuff here all the time and know you're only miles away from us and in sympathy. Help us keep the momentum up. We're scrambling to make more happen– there's a lot going on. Contact us via until we get our own site up.

MISSION STATEMENT – Sacred Clown Union

Yep. Some of our clowns definitely take inspiration from Krampus –“the henchmen of Saint Nick” thing you find in the Austrian, German and Swiss Alps. We live in Wisconsin, a bastion of German heritage, and we see those clowns as something we lost– something we want back!

The Nazis apparently hated Krampus. Our antlers tip in respect to those clowns. But this is global. We love love love the Japanese Namahage and the Native American Heyokas too! We embrace them all.

If we have one reservation though, it involves terrorizing little children into obedience, servitude or serfdom. That makes us cry. We no like that. Here, we do take our cues more from the Native American clowns (as well as other intact tribal traditions), more so than Krampus (as it is performed in the Alps today).

We’re here to sweep away the vile spirit of big, greedy, power-mad ego– the ones that seemingly care so little for the children– the ones that would imperil their own grandchildren just to line their own pockets. Our heart-sworn ethic is to do this with humor, creativity, art, dance, music and absurdity. Yes, we would willingly spank naughty parents and politicians, but the children are sacrosanct.

Sacred Clown Union is for the children– for their creativity, playfulness, and egoless-ness. We laugh and rampage, but we also cry over the loss of those qualities in “more mature” people. WE ARE HERE TO SAY: RETURN RETURN RETURN RECOVER RECOVER RECOVER get back to that creature you were before someone or something corrupted your mind!

We don’t care how you put on your clown or what you do to entertain the folk, just evoke love, empower your own personal sense of creativity, and get out there and get silly! And be REALLY sweet to the moms and the kids and the animals in particular!

OK, an admission here: we really do want to spank Sarah Palin until she squeals in orgasm! It would be healing for her! We are cunning linguists! We guarantee her satisfaction! As John Cleese once said, “Michael Palin is the funniest Palin.” No argument there.

Now it is time for all clowns to practice their silly walks. Get busy. Everyday! Silly walk practice for 5 minutes!"

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  1. Thats funny I was actually thinking about writing a quick article analyzing death in terms of the point where you're corrupted and lose all your natural human qualities. Methinks Americans are so messed up because they have to play a survival game among so many more kinds of death beyond bilogical death.

    Krampus sounds like a cool guy though.

    -The uncanny bridge between order and chaos.

  2. Yeah, the tensions between life/death, chaos/order are so vast and inescapable that you could make an argument that they're foundational to ALL art and religion, every bit of it.

    The "American Death Cult" idea started out as a pretty basic articulation of the idea that laissez faire capitalism, as we know it today, has devloped into something of a cult of the Harvest God to the exclusion of all other gods and to the particular contempt of the gods of regeneration and nourishment. I think it's a pretty consistent theme that throughout the world Harvest gods are associated with the dark time of the year, with cold, with terror.