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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Face of Responsible Republicanism . . .

Final tally in the Assembly, folks: 53-42, along mostly party lines. However:

1 Republican senator defected--Dale Schultz.
4 Republican assembly members defected - Dean Kaufert, Lee Nerison, Travis Tranel and Richard Spanbauer.

Remember those names; those are the only Republican legislators from the 2011/2012 session that have political careers going forward.

Naturally this is only the beginning of a long legal contest. There are numerous procedural grounds for contesting the legitimacy of this bill that I won't go into here. I've already touched on the U.S. constitutional conundrum presented. I find it difficult to believe that any court would not quickly issue an injunction to prevent implementation, at least pending trial.

Shit's on for real now, boys.

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