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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hold That Tiger! And Check For Fingerprints!

Check this out from  "UW Police chief says ammunition found at three Capitol entrances"

These are crazy times, so anything is possible.  Maybe the report is false.  I've seen only two sources to date*, Andy Szal's blog linked above, and Bill Glauber from the relatively reliable Milwaukee Journal Sentinel here.

Maybe a random, desperate attention seeker did this to ratchet up the tension. 

Maybe a misguided individual protester did it out of frustration at Walker's intransigence. 

I'd bet that Scotty has some notions of his own. 

One thing I feel pretty confident about, though:  Given the general bonhommie supposed to be prevailing among police and protesters, if it were a frame job of some sort it seems unlikely that Walker could find anyone vile enough within police ranks to plant this stuff.  If Scotty did want to run a black op, he'd probably have to delegate it to one of the family retainers.  And given the cheapjack incompetence he's demonstrated so far, it'd likely be smothered in incriminating fingerprints and DNA.

Again, anything could happen here.  It may not have even happened.  But if it did, I hope the sent it to the lab right away.

* Updated from original post, which only referenced the Szal blog.

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